The Liquid Democracy Journal
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Issue 2

Issue 2

Berlin, 2014-10-07 other formats: PDF version | full ZIP archive


by the Editors

LiquidFeedback: Gamification of Politics?

by Andreas Lange, March 14, 2012, translated by the Editors

Game of Democracy

by Jan Behrens

Dividing the Pie – Visualizing Quantities and Qualities of Majorities in Pie Charts

by Björn Swierczek

How Chaos Protected the Status Quo (more than we intended to)

by Jan Behrens

Search for a Tie-breaker

by Jan Behrens

Liquid Democracy Provides No Alternative to the Republic

by Andreas Nitsche, original German article from April 17, 2013 translated to English by the author

Liquid Democracy for Civic Participation – A View on LiquidFriesland

by Jan Behrens, July 7, 2014

Readers of the Journal Asked – LiquidFeedback Developers Answer (#1)

by the developers of LiquidFeedback

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