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Decision history (LiquidFeedback) | Lemma revision history (repository)

This wiki part of a technical demonstration and it is edited democratically using a revision control system with LiquidFeedback. The participants are deciding together about which changes are made. More information on the technology used is available at the start page of this technical demonstration.

Accredited participants can request changes to this or other pages, or request to create new pages. To do so, checkout the wiki's repository:

hg clone http://dev.liquidfeedback.org/revision-control/hg/fruit-wiki

Create an initiative in the correct LiquidFeedback unit and create a new corresponding branch in the repository, e.g. if the initiative ID is 123, execute:

hg branch i123

Make your changes and commit them in one or multiple changesets:

hg commit -m 'Created Apple and Banana lemma'

Push your changes to the server repository:

hg push

Advertise your LiquidFeedback initiative and wait for it to win. ;) If so, your changes will be applied to the trunk and the wiki pages will be updated accordingly.