The Liquid Democracy Journal
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Issue 6

Issue 6

Berlin, 2018-07-27 other formats: PDF version | full ZIP archive


by the Editors


by the Editors

Unified User Management with LiquidFeedback

by Jan Behrens and Björn Swierczek

Roadmap to a Decentralized LiquidFeedback

by Andreas Nitsche

The LiquidFeedback Blockchain

by Jan Behrens, Axel Kistner, Andreas Nitsche, and Björn Swierczek

Decentralized Accreditation

by Jan Behrens, Andreas Nitsche, and Björn Swierczek

Practical Consequences of Arrow's Theorem for Open Electronic Voting

by Jan Behrens

Appendix A: A Mathematical View on the Sockpuppet Problem


Appendix B: Work Report on Unified WeGovNow User Management Development


Prototype: The LiquidFeedback Blockchain

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